The combination of my Peruvian roots, and a fondness for smart, functional Scandinavian design, have brought Alpaca Fusion to existence. Alpaca Fusion’s intent is to; deliver high quality products made from nature’s finer materials.

All products are manufactured by carefully chosen family run companies. The main criteria for choosing the supplier are the highest quality craftsmanship, ability and history of processing the chosen raw material and reputation of the company.

Peru is the largest producer of alpaca fiber. Holding a massive 86% of the world’s total production, using and exporting exclusive Peruvian materials, such as the luxurious baby alpaca and the famous Pimé cotton, creme de la crème of cotton varieties .


Extremely smooth scale surface with glossy shine gives the alpaca fibre unparalleled physical and emotional qualities

  • 7 times warmer than sheep wool
  • extremely soft and silky like cashmere
  • highly breathable and lightweight
  • natural lustrous shine remarkably
  • strong and durable
  • does not pill easily
  • no prickle factor
  • naturally hypoallergenic: lanolin-free
  • water and dirt-repellent
  • low impact on the environment
  • easy maintenance.