Cumpi Camayoc means Master Weaver (in quechua)

We have initiated a cooperation with Cumpi Camayoc / Pais Textil who is centered on giving back to the local communities that help produce beautiful pieces and the materials, like alpaca wool and pima cotton, providing fair wages in hopes of … read more

PROUD TO ANNOUNCE TO BE PART OF KOLLEKTIVET MARKENS A collaboration between local founders. A concept of a new store based on sustainability: organic, fair, quality, short-lived, reusable. In the collective you will find today a zero-waste sh… read more

New collaboration

Bella Aborigen handmade is a Peruvian brand of Sustainable Fashion, with the commitment to create accessories full of history. Bella Aborigen use natural materials such as cotton, pima cotton, textiles dyed with vegetables and leather of the … read more

Weavers of the Clouds

The intricacy and beauty of Peruvian textiles have been a source of inspiration for many – from designers such as Vivienne Westwood, to photographers and painters.… read more

Weavers of Manchay

We are proud to present a collaboration with 'Weavers of Manchay’ - an organization that is dedicated to promoting high quality hand-woven accessories. The goal being to impact society in a positive way through ethical and sustainable fashion… read more